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Nefertiti's hand (La mano de Nefertiti)


Guillermo García Carsí

produced by

Nicolás Matji, Javier Ugarte


Taipei International NNominated to Best Animated Short film Los Goya 2013; Taipei International Digital Contest Silver Award; Special Mention "Short film of the year" Contest .

release date

25.10.2012 (All day)

Written and Directed by Guillermo García Carsí. This work was commissioned to promote the film "Tad, the lost explorer" (Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones) the major box officce success Spanish animation fil so far. It was developed by Lightbox Entertainment and produced by Tmelecinco Cinema and La Fiesta Producciones. It has been nominated to this year Goya Awards for Best Animated short film.